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Tokyo Productions


Tell us what you need
We are here to support you from A to Z

We Are a Team of 
Production Coordinators

We believe that one of the key points in life is communication. 

The team of Tokyo Production Coordinators provide you a professional fixer service

to support you in choosing your production needs in Tokyo and throughout Japan. 


It is possible to search for anything from all over the world now that we have the internet. However, we provide a variety of more accurate and genuine information than you can find online.  

What We Do

Location Scouting

Scouting the perfect location anywhere in Japan to match your needs is our speciality. 

Shooting Permits

Getting permission to shoot in Japan can be difficult and time consuming. With our network, we can help make this process easier for you. 

Meet the Team

Daisuke Otsuki

Experienced TV producer since 1994. 

Working in the industry for over the last 20 years,

involved in coordination for a wide range of programs from documentaries to comedies. 

Sie Fukuda

Has had lived in the US for multiple years,

having worked as an interpreter and translator

in a wide range of fields. 

Contact Us

Looking forward to hearing from you

+81 80 3558 3715

4-2-7 #1003, Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Thanks! Message sent.


All post-production needs including editing, translations, etc can be done by us if necessary. 

and More

We pride ourselves on working relationships and communication with our clients. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information or requests. 

Renting Equipment

We provide any kind of audio/video equipment for your shooting needs including drones, cameras, etc. 

Studio arrangement is also avilable. 


Full accommodation/transportation for crews or equipment in Japan is provided from your arrival to your departure


Arranging Crews

TPC provides full production service if necessary. 

No need to make extra trips all the way back to Japan. 

We can arrange crews to work together with you to make your projects a success. 

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